Dmytro Drabyk

Dmytro Drabyk
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Experience ( 2012- 1999):

- National Television Company of Ukraine:

editor-in-chief of TV program Results of the week, author and manager of information and 

analytical talk-show Results of the Year 2010; 

author of documentary films Aftershock (about the March 2011 Japan earthquake consequences) 

and Ukraine-USA: 20 years of partnership 

- TVi TV channel:

editor-in-chief of investigation reports TV program Znak oklyku (Exclamation point) 

- Profi TV TV agency:

screenplay writer for documentaries Ivan Demjianiuk: the last Nazi?, Two lives of Tonia the 


- Inter TV Channel:

editor-in-chief of TV program Podrobytsi tyzhnia (Week details); 

special correspondent on TV program Podrobytsi tyzhnia (Week details) 

- K1 TV Channel:

special correspondent, author and presenter of One week: elections, One week: after 

elections, Other dimension TV shows 

- Novyi kanal TV Channel:

journalist of news service Reporter 

- Public Radio:

journalist, producer, author and presenter of information and analytical programs and talk-show

- 1+1 Studio TV Channel:

editor of lection debate (2002), Ja tak dumaju (I think so) TV shows; 

script writer for talk-show Podviynij dokaz (Double proof) 

- Contynent Radio:

journalist, news presenter